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Friday, October 03, 2003

Hey Musos! The official 3rd anniversary of "Schizoid Man" passed by last week--I'd given the whole run-down on the origins of this blog last year, so I decided to make this one a low-key affair..thanks again to any loyal readers I have and I apologise for not blogging much these past months. I like to think it's the *quality*, not the quantity, that counts ;)

I've also completed a year's tour of duty at Flaming Lips.com just this past Wednesday--Cheers to all the groovy guys and gals I've met over there over the past year...especially My Dearest Flaming Pixie. FlamingLips.com also got a brief mention in a hilarious Onion story about the recent Internet crashes. Nice one, Onion staffers!!

Today is the nuptial ceremony of my man C-Dog and his lovely bride-to-be, Tiffany B.. I will be attending the festivities, along with a number of the usual suspects from the Triptych Cryptic gang (S. Temple of The Temple Files is coolin' out with a lift to the wedding for me). My Dearest could not attend with me, but sends her best to the newlyweds-to-be. I 'spect there'll be some gettin' down on the dance floor--but no moshing for me this time ;) Be there or be square, foos!!! A BIG Schizoid Man "Congratulations" to C-Dog and Tiffany!!!!!!!!!!

A minor rock-n-roll passing last week as Robert Palmer died in his apartment in Paris at the age of 54. Palmer started out on the English soul scene in the early 70s--but was over-shadowed by contemps like Joe Cocker and even Dave Mason, formerly of Traffic. Palmer struggled on and by the late 70s, had a couple of chart hits with a re-make of Little Feat's "Sailin' Shoes" and the vaguely reggae-tinged Sneakin' With Sally Through The Alley. He then re-invented himself in the mid-80s (or maybe it was his label's idea) as a slick, smoove-operator pop crooner. He epitomised 80s-pop vapidity with the made-for-radio shlock Addicted To Love and Bad Case Of Lovin' You and their accompanying ready-for-MTV videos, which featured Palmer as designer-clothed crooner in front of a line of tight black mini-dressed, high-heeled, heavily made-up models, hair slicked back and swaying back and forth like ultimate 80s party-zombie vamps, some actually pretending to play certain instruments. He also was part of the one-off Power Station project in 1985--which scored hits with Some Like It Hot and their bland cover of T. Rexs (Bang A Gong) Get It On, I guess there was so much cocaine in the studio that they probably thought it sounded good at the time. By the early 90s, Palmer found himself out-of-fashion in the alterno-rock and electronica world--even mainstream radio had deserted him for slicker R&B and "safe" alterno-pop bands. The Power Station re-convened in '96, hoping to cash in on the brief Duran Duran resurgence, to no avail. Palmer was more than likely mounting a new comeback attempt, plans for a new record and such. Not that I'm overjoyed the man passed, 54 is way too young to go..but at least he saved himself a bit of dignity and didn't hit the road once again as an 80s nostalgia act.

I also found out (through Close Your Eyes and Cheek) that English music critic/writer Ian McDonald committed suicide just over a month ago. McDonald is best known as the author of Revolution In The Head--one of the standouts in the trillions of Beatles-related tomes out there in the marketplace (along with, in my opinion, Peter Brown & Steven Gaines' The Love You Make and Hunter Davies' 1968 biography, the best book written about The Fabs while they were still an active band). The bloggers over at Close Your Eyes have an interesting angle on why McDonald made his awful decision--pure nostalgia for a time that will never return--at least not for a long time...he was the quintessential 60s head--having *been there*, maaaaaan. It's too bad, really..McDonald had a great talent for music crit and analysis--especially when it came to The Fabs, though I do agree with the lads at Close Your Eyes--McDonald's slagging of Across The Universe is *way* off-base! Anyway, R.I.P., Ian--you'll be missed.

That's all for now, kids--be back soon with more...Peace!