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Thursday, April 18, 2002

Hey kids! Well, I did get the Blossom Toes CD, We Are Ever So Clean, and it is extraordinary! I like it so much better than their second effort (from 1969), If Only For A Moment, which featured a more "hard-rock" sound and they had clearly abandoned their whimsical psychedelia. The 'Toes were formed in Ireland in 1965 and kicked around playing R&B covers and a few originals. I believe they moved to London in '66 and like many many others, got caught up in the "new sounds" that took over the underground and the "big names" as well (The Beatles, The Yardbirds, etc.). They got together with producer Giorgio Gomelsky, who also produced The Yardbirds and The Creation, and recorded "We Are Ever So Clean" in 1967. The songs are great, melodic slivers of psych-pop..but it's the "in-between" song bits that really make the record a classic (or a relic, depending on your point-of-view). It must have been tough to hear them on vinyl, because some are at such a low volume level. This disc is a must-have for psych collectors..not a bum track on the whole record..and it clocks in a 40 minutes..which is short for the money you'll more than likely have to plunk down for it, but it's worth every buck!
I also got a nice surprise in the post, as my man Neilalien sent me a compilation disc of stuff that the Triptych Cryptic crew had put together on a weekend to visit Neilalien in New Yawk a few weeks ago..I couldn't make it as my E-Bay dabblings cut waaayyy too much into my paycheck--and I didn't want to mooch from C-Dog the whole time. There's lotsa indie-rock and indie-rock..and a ska tune..and some indie-rock..and a Johnny Cash tune (Cocaine Blues--excellent choice, Neilalien!)..some U.K. punk (U.K. Subs--'ey up! awlright!)...no prog..but that's what I get for not showing up to the par-tay. No, I *liked* it..and the disc even kicks off with our Why Oh Why and my Yo, That Shit Is Wack compatriot, A1phab3t, singing his ode to "jimmy hats", Top Drawer...the man's got some skills--I'll have to jam with him sometime! C-Dog, when he's not chillin' wit' the Wu-Tang Killah Bees, threw on a *kick-ass* Beatles cover by none other than Yo La Tengo..the quality of the recording is near-crap, but Ira Kaplan puts his heart into Eight Days A Week, which is one of my all-time fave Beatles tunes..and *that's* what matters--brings back memories of the time me & the crew were at Club Babyhead in Providence, R.I., in Sept. 1993 to catch Yo La Tengo. Ira asked the crowd if anyone knew how to play guitar--I did, sort-of..still do, sort of...anyway, I was too chicken-s**t to raise my hand..and missed my opportunity to jam with Yo La Tengo in a feedback-drenched cover of Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams"..*damn*, oh well..better luck next time. Mega, of the Killingly Megas, contributes a fine Moldy Peaches tune that had me gut-laughing in parts--I've been curious about them since reading M.A.D.'s review at PopMatters and I finally get to check out their sound--quite good, actually--I was expecting something a lot sloppier (instrumentally, anyway). Oops, there is some psych/prog..forgot about Wyclef Jean's cover of Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here..though he makes it a hip-hop/pysch hybrid..and I'll pretend it was added for *my* benefit--thanks, guys...*very* cool! There's a bit of electronica, courtesy Bone Daddy and the Run Lola Run soundtrack..and a Tenacious D song, "F**k Her Gently", which is good--but not as good as Kielbasa or Dio. I didn't dig the They Might Be Giants tune all that much either..and I usually like T.M.B.G.--it made me think of Rock Lobster, by the B-52's..but not in a good way..I don't know why--maybe the word "rock" thrown in with an odd word, like "lobster"..or, in this case, Cyclops. I've heard The Hives from a guy at my "contingent" gig--but it was nice to have a song on a comp. to listen to over and over--to really check it out...good, high-energy nouveau punks from Sweden..I think. I thought the cover of Sunshine by Paul Westerberg was a bit..um..un-necessary...but it sounds like he's having fun, and maybe he wasn't being ironic and felt that song needed to be covered. The Presidents Of The United States Of America make an appearance with Blank Baby..wow, where have those guys been? The disc ends with those rabble-rousing Irish-American indie-punk working-class heroes, The Dropkick Murphys, and a great tune called Forever..*loved* the pennywhistle chiming into the mix every so often..most excellent!! Superb comp. CD, guys..not sold in stores..but if you e-mail Neilalien and ask him nicely--he *may* be persuaded to make you a copy..
I'm nearly out of time for this one..but I'll post again soon..the annual Hartford Record Show will be here in two or three weeks and I'll have the scoop on that--plus I bought the five brand-new Moody Blues mini-LP discs of the their excellent late-60s psych records--I'll review 'em when I get 'em--those will be at my door in early May. Lots more stuff to get to--so stay tuned!! Peace! Thanks again to my crew for the ultra-cool comp. disc!