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Thursday, December 14, 2000


Numero 5....and.....................it's a TIE:

Supergrass "Supergrass" and Yo La Tengo's "And The Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out" - I hadn't bought any of Supergrass' previous albums. I got this one as a promo, threw it in the mix at my part-time gig one day and it just grew on me. Yeah, it's the usual mixed bag of Beatles/Kinks/Bowie and a bit of Stones for good measure. The melodies are great, however, and it moves along with a pace that is mellow and rockin'--and if a song like Eon dosen't convince you this is a tight, tuneful band, then you need to go and buy The Onion's "Least Essential Record of The Year"..the A-Teens "Abba Generation" and console yourself with that. In fact, "Eon" is one of the best songs I've heard this year. It's got a beautiful, haunting melody that seriously stuck in my mind for DAYS!!

...And The 'Tengo...I think they seriously smoked a TON of kind ganga and wrote some m-e-l-l-o-w tunes. These songs drift right past you when they leave the speakers. As usual, ultra-killer production that also manages to sound very thrown-together..tres-indie. The lyrics concern relationships...meeting, getting-together..trying to keep it together for the long haul--and they're probably thinly-veiled references to Ira Kaplan and Georgia Hubley's marriage. They're also universal sentiments that could speak for anyone who's been there. C-Dog, a known 'Tengo aficiando, didn't like this one too much. I have to say that it is startling to hear them so.....quiet....but I give 'em props for turning the amps down and making a near-ambient rock record.

No. 5-1/2: An EP (that's why it dosen't get a full number..) by Brave Captain..also known as Martin Carr--the former guitarist for the Boo Radleys. I won this from eBay in an auction from a kind chap in England. It's too bad he (Martin) waited this long to make more music after the Boo Radleys broke up in '98. This stuff is amazing...ramshackle but polished production (similar to Yo La Tengo's asthetic). It's got some very strong melodies and anyone who thought Sice WAS The Boo Radleys is in for a shock. My favorite tunes are an akoostic ditty called Starfish and a melancholy slow-tempo thing called Third Unattended Bag On The Right, which sounds like Imagine-era Lennon crossed with an M.B.V. ballad, it's f*#@in' amazing! Martin's actually got a decent singing voice. Oh yeah...the EP is called Fingertip Saint Sessions--Volume 1. I think me and three people in England have listened to it. I believe there's a "Volume 2" as well..can't wait to hear it.